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Month: August 2021

How to Remove Heavy Furniture By Myself in Huddersfield

When people ask the Huddersfield Removals team how to move heavy furniture by themselves, the answer is always the same: don’t do it! There’s a reason for professional removals services. In fact, there are three good reasons to never attempt an amateur furniture removal: 1. The risk of property damage. Our team is trained and ... Read more
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What to Pack First During Huddersfield Removals

It’s moving time! But what should be an exciting moment can often become overwhelming, unfortunately. People rarely know where they should start when it comes to packing. That’s why the experienced team at Huddersfield Removals wrote this list; it will help you approach packing in a thoughtful, strategic way that will make everything go much ... Read more
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How to Pack Books for Your Huddersfield Move: Safe Packing Strategies, By The Book

Are you an avid reader? You might be surprised by how heavy your at-home library actually is when the time comes to move home. Here at Huddersfield Removals, we’ve handled moves of all sizes. We know that books can be deceptively difficult to transport! That’s why we’ve compiled these top tips for anyone struggling to ... Read more
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