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What to Pack First During Huddersfield Removals

It’s moving time! But what should be an exciting moment can often become overwhelming, unfortunately. People rarely know where they should start when it comes to packing. That’s why the experienced team at Huddersfield Removals wrote this list; it will help you approach packing in a thoughtful, strategic way that will make everything go much more smoothly.

1. Pack the non-essentials first.

You might think that the big jobs like packing clothes should be handled as a priority, but it actually makes more sense to focus on the non-essentials. That’s because you’ll still be living there for a little longer, so you will need ongoing access to certain items.

You don’t want to have to crack open a box every time you take a shower! So start with decorative items or things you don’t use on an everyday basis, for example, your book collection. Leave the cutlery for later — unless you want to be eating with your hands for a week!

2. Take, throw, donate.

As you pack your stuff, make three piles: take, throw, and donate. Once you’ve packed your non-essentials, you can move on to your clothes. Consider how long you’ll be staying at your old place and separate the clothing that you’ll need to get by until then. You might choose to pack away non-seasonal items first; you won’t be wearing that winter jumper if it’s July!

Be honest with yourself while separating your clothes. If something hasn’t been worn in over a year, it might be time to donate it. If something is stained or torn, throw it away. This is your moment to declutter and start fresh, so take advantage of the opportunity!

3. Leave your survival kit alone.

If you’re going to be in the house for another couple of weeks, write a list of everything you’ll use in that time and make sure you don’t pack any of those items away. It could be a real nightmare trying to find a toothbrush amongst bags and boxes!

While making your survival kit list, consider the following: everyday electronics, vital toiletries, utensils and dishes, office supplies, linens for bed, towels, and cleaning supplies. Cleaning supplies are important as most Huddersfield landlords expect you to return the place in spotless condition.

4. Pack a priority box.

To really make life easier at the other side, pack a box to be opened first as soon as you arrive. What that will contain depends on what you imagine you’ll urgently need. Maybe it’ll include a kettle, tea bags, and a couple of mugs! Maybe it will include soap, a phone charger, bed linen, and an extra set of clothes.

The idea is that no matter what time you finish moving, you’ll have the things you really need on hand. This will save you from making a mess and emptying every box in a desperate bid to find a roll of toilet paper!

Moving day can be stressful or it can be simple: it all depends on strategy! In Huddersfield, locals can hire professional services like Huddersfield Removals to make their move manageable.

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