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Piano Removals

it requires careful consideration, planning, and expert knowledge. Pianos are surprisingly fragile, despite their bulk, and it would be terrible if yours was damaged in transit.

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Are you a piano owner? Have you had to move your piano in the past? You should know that it’s easier said than done. Some people might wrongly assume that a piano removal is simply a matter of heavy lifting.

In reality, it requires careful consideration, planning, and expert knowledge. Pianos are surprisingly fragile, despite their bulk, and it would be terrible if yours was damaged in transit.

You can minimise the risk of your piano incurring damage by hiring a professional removals service. Trust us: we’re the experts when it comes to removals, and this isn’t a job you want to attempt on your own!

An experienced removals firm will arrive with the equipment, manpower, vehicle, and strategy required to successfully relocate a piano. If your instrument means a lot to you, you should consider this service invaluable.

In Huddersfield, we’re the go-to removals firm when it comes to pianos. Why is that? Because all the team at Huddersfield Removals has extensive experience of moving all kinds of objects.

They’ve undertaken the specialist training required to move a piano correctly. Our firm has been in operation in the Huddersfield area for decades, and in that time, we’ve earned a reputation for being trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Pianos are really special objects. They hold a lot of value, both economic and sentimental. That’s why it’s imperative that you take piano removals seriously and don’t entrust just anyone to relocate your instrument. You’ll be glad you did when it arrives in perfect condition!

Why do people hire removals firms? Because they’re not trained or experienced in heavy lifting. That’s one reason. Another is that they don’t want to waste money buying moving equipment such as mats and straps that they’ll barely use.

Probably the final reason is that removals are a lot of hassle unless you know exactly what you’re doing. They prefer to avoid that specific stress.

All of these reasons and more apply when it comes to piano removals. After all, moving a piano isn’t just about carrying something heavy. It’s also about correctly handling something incredibly sensitive.

Don’t be fooled by a piano’s bulky exterior — this instrument is actually very delicate. What you might think is a harmless bump could result in irreparable damage. 


Moving a piano also involves equipment. This is especially the case if you end up needing to hoist it. Larger pianos might not fit through a standard doorway. That’s when a professional removals firm steps in and helps to transport it through a window. As you can imagine, this is a job for experts only!

Something you may not know is that even temperature can affect how a piano functions. Our team is aware of important information like that, and they implement protective measures every time they move a piano.

It’s easy to deliver a piano and have it look ok at its destination. It’s trickier to ensure that it’s still functioning perfectly. Thankfully, the team at Huddersfield Removals knows exactly what they’re doing!

By now, you’re undoubtedly convinced that a professional service is the best idea for your piano removal. Now comes the next challenge: which removals firm should you choose? If you’re in Huddersfield or the surrounding area, then Huddersfield Removals is the obvious choice. Here are 5 reasons you should hire us to move your piano.


  • We’re well known and trusted in the local area.

    Ask around and you’ll soon see that our service has a stellar reputation. We’ve spent a lot of time building that, and we achieved it through delivering excellent customer service on a consistent basis.

    Why don’t you find out for yourself why so many local customers are loyal to us?



  • We offer an affordable service.

    Piano removals shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. We want every piano owner to be able to access the best possible service to protect their instrument. You’ll find that although our service is high quality, it’s low price.
  • We’re experienced in this area.

    Because removals firms compete for your business, you’ll find that most are willing to attempt a piano removal. It’s up to you whether you’re willing to take a risk on a company that’s inexperienced in this work or not.

    We’d recommend sticking with a removals firm like Huddersfield Removals because we’ve moved many pianos in our time. We know how to approach this kind of work!
  • We go the extra mile for our customers.

    When we perform removals work, we treat customers’ possessions with the same care that we’d want if it was our own treasured items being handled.

    We take additional protective measures to ensure that every item arrives in the correct condition. Rather than cut corners, we prefer to exceed expectations.
  • We provide no obligation quotations.

    You’re welcome to approach our service with any questions you may have. We will discuss the details of your job with you and provide you with a quotation based on this information. There’s nothing to lose in having a conversation!



Things to keep in mind when transporting piano:

When transporting a piano, you should be aware of the following:

  • A professional removals service is essential. Don’t attempt an amateur piano removal. Not only could you damage the instrument, but you could even cause yourself an injury. Consider the risks and make informed choices.


  • Moving a piano is a delicate operation. Although a piano seems sturdy, it’s actually very sensitive and full of easily damaged parts. Protective measures should be taken to preserve it during transit. Otherwise, you risk expensive repairs or even replacement.


  • Piano removals require the use of equipment. If you hire a professional removals service like Huddersfield Removals, they will bring the equipment on the day to help them lift and load safely.


  • A piano must be secure during transit and kept in appropriate conditions. Extreme temperatures could affect how it functions. This is why you need a trained and knowledgeable team that knows how to safely move a piano.


How much does piano removal cost?

The best way to find out how much your specific piano removal will cost is to ask companies for a quotation. Here at Huddersfield Removals, we’re happy to divulge this detail with no obligation to book. First, we’ll need some details about the job, though. We’ll ask about the type of piano and where it’s being moved before we provide a quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You might choose to sell your piano online. Even if it doesn’t work perfectly, you’ll probably find that it contains useful parts. Another option is to donate it. Many institutions and charities could put a piano to good use. If there’s no other place for it, try disposing of it at the dump. Need someone to take it there? We can do that for you!



Not all removal companies will move pianos, and there’s a simple explanation for that fact: they don’t have the training and knowledge required to do so safely. Beware of companies that are willing to give it a go with no prior experience. Taking this risk could result in a damaged piano! It’s preferable to hire companies that offer this specific service, such as Huddersfield Removals.


This depends on a few factors! How big is your upright piano, for example? How far do you intend for it to travel? The price will also depend on which company you choose to move it for youconsistently. An affordable removals firm like ours will never overcharge you for a piano removals service, regardless of what kind of piano you have!

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