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How to Remove Heavy Furniture By Myself in Huddersfield

When people ask the Huddersfield Removals team how to move heavy furniture by themselves, the answer is always the same: don’t do it! There’s a reason for professional removals services. In fact, there are three good reasons to never attempt an amateur furniture removal:

1. The risk of property damage.

Our team is trained and knowledgeable about safely moving furniture. This makes it far less likely that your furniture or walls will experience any damage during the process. If you’re moving furniture to your new home, you obviously think it’s valuable. Treat it that way! Don’t take unnecessary risks when transporting it,

2. The risk of physical damage.
A kitchen table can be replaced when it’s damaged; your back can’t! We know the correct methods for safely performing heavy lifting work. If you don’t, there’s a high chance you’ll end up hurt while attempting to transport heavy furniture. In that scenario, you’ll really regret not investing in professional removals support!

3. The risk of extra expense.
Usually, when people choose not to hire a removals service it is for financial reasons. They see an amateur removal as an opportunity to save money. However, if furniture or walls are damaged, this could end up costing much more than a Huddersfield Removals service would! If a physical injury occurs and time needs to be taken off work, the cost could be even greater.

For these reasons, we’d strongly advise you not to remove heavy furniture by yourself in Huddersfield. Instead, explore the following options:

4. Hire a professional service.
Ask for a quotation and you may be surprised by how affordable the Huddersfield Removals services actually are. This will save you a lot of energy and time; the experts will handle all the heavy lifting for you!

5. Ask experienced friends.
If you’re determined not to hire a professional service, at least ensure you have friends who will help you perform the move. This way, someone will be there in the event of accident or injury. Maybe you have friends who know how to perform heavy lifting safely? In that case, now is the time to call them!

6. Buy equipment.
Straps, dollies, and moving mats will help protect your property as you move it. Because these items require an investment, most people prefer to hire a removals company who will bring these items and do the work for you. However, you could always buy them yourself and learn how to use them alongside your friends.

7. Research the safest methods.
You probably don’t have time to undertake the extensive training that our team has. It still makes sense to research the best methods of lifting heavy items so that you can avoid injury. Look for YouTube videos with demonstrations and remember to lift from the knees, not the back!

8. Plan the move.
Plot out every step of the journey so you’re aware of obstacles before you start moving items. Move items that might trip you up and clear your path to minimise risk as much as possible.

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