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Furniture Removals

No matter what kind of furniture you need to move, we should be your go-to removals firm.

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Once you fill out the quote form, a representative from our company will call or email you to discuss and inspect your items either via video call or house visit.

Moving Day

Your possessions will be quickly and securely transported to your new home, so you can start settling in right away with the help of our professional team.

Did you know that removals firms like Huddersfield Removals offer services beyond full house removals? One example is our popular furniture removals service. This is popular because it’s helpful in a whole range of scenarios. Whenever you need one piece or multiple pieces of furniture moved, think of our professional team and our affordable service.

There are many motivations for hiring a furniture removals service. Increasingly, we are asked to perform deliveries for people who buy or sell furniture online, for example. We also help our customers to dump or donate furniture as required. Let’s face it — trying to cram furniture in the back of a car is no fun at all!

Are you gifting furniture to a relative? Moving it to another property you own? You obviously care about these items, so don’t make the big mistake of attempting to move them yourself. Of course, a furniture removals service requires an investment. However, it’s more than worth the money to protect your property.

There are many risks involved in this work: damaging the furniture, damaging the walls or floors, and even physical injury. That’s why we’d never recommend you give it a go yourself. Since our service is so affordable, there’s no excuse for not calling Huddersfield Removals when you need to move furniture. 

No matter what kind of furniture you need to move, we should be your go-to removals firm. Once you’ve experienced our unparalleled levels of customer service, you’ll know why! At Huddersfield Removals, we’re waiting to hear from you.

You may think that all furniture removals require is a bit of heavy lifting. This simply isn’t the case. To safely move furniture, you’ll need more than manpower. You’ll also need specialist equipment, skills and knowledge, and the right vehicle. 

Does that sound like a lot? All you need to do is call Huddersfield Removals. We’ll handle the rest! 

Let us talk you through the process of booking and enjoying our furniture removals service. Step one is you calling us to discuss the job. With just a little information, we’ll be ready to offer you a no-obligation quotation. 

If you’re happy with the price, we can move on to the booking stage. This is where you tell us the date and time you need our service. In general, it’s best to book in advance, but we’ll try to squeeze you in even if it’s a last-minute booking.

On the day of the furniture removals service, we won’t keep you waiting. We’ll arrive punctually, prepared to get the job done. That means we’ll have the right vehicle and all the equipment we need on hand. You’ll be amazed by how quickly and carefully we load your products. Years of experience have taught us how to work as efficiently as possible.

Then, your items will be in transit. Don’t worry — we’ll have secured them in the van so they arrive in perfect condition to their destination. At the other end, we’ll unload just as carefully as we loaded them. 

Furniture removals are what we do best, so you can put your trust in Huddersfield Removals.

Here are just 5 of the reasons that customers in the Huddersfield area choose our service over our so-called competitors.

  1. Excellent value for money

    When customers hire Huddersfield Removals, they enjoy exceptional service at a surprisingly affordable price. Why compromise on quality due to cost? Why pay a fortune for excellent service? We offer the best of both worlds. There may be other furniture removals firms, but they don’t offer our value for money.
  2. Reliability and responsibility

    Customers know they can count on us to turn up on time and get the job done on schedule. We’re responsible, meaning we take great care of every item that is entrusted to us. We’re not simply a man with a van taking on odd jobs for extra cash — we are removals professionals and our work matters to us.
  3. Commitment to customer service

    Some people dread calling a removals firm, and we understand why. It can sometimes be unnecessarily complicated to organise simple furniture removals. We aim to make the process as straightforward as possible. We understand that customers are calling us because they want to enjoy convenience.

  4. Experience and reputation

    You may wonder what could really go wrong during a move, but there are risks when the wrong people attempt this work. The last thing we want is for your furniture to be damaged by an inexperienced removals firm. That’s why we recommend you choose an established firm like ours. At Huddersfield Removals, we have an excellent reputation for a reason! It’s been earned through years of experience in this industry, serving the local area.

  5. Professional approach

    Our staff members are trained and experienced in all kinds of removals. It doesn’t matter what furniture you need to move — they’ll be equipped to handle it. You can expect them to arrive in a quality vehicle, ready to load your furniture according to safety guidelines and best

Prepare in advance.

Choose the best day for moving your furniture and make sure you book your removals team with notice. Write a list of all the furniture that needs to be moved. Establish whether any of these items should be disassembled first.

Protect your possessions.

Some items may benefit from some protective packaging. Wrap up sharp edges, remove accessories, and cover the furniture in plastic if it could be easily water-damaged. You never know what the weather might be like on moving day!

Clear a path.

Do a trial run of the path that your removals team is supposed to take. You may find that there are obstacles in their way. Move them as much as possible. Find a place where they can park their van, as close to your home as they can.

Keep pets and kids out the way.

On moving day, your removals team will want to get on with the job. If pets or children are in the way, this makes it more difficult. For their safety, keep them out of the way. This will let us complete the work more efficiently.

Hire the right removals team.

Don’t entrust just anyone with your furniture removals. Choose a reputable firm with significant experience. Make sure you hire one with competitive prices. In Huddersfield, the best option is Huddersfield Removals. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

The cost of furniture removals jobs varies widely. Your best bet is to approach removals companies, ask for a quote, and make a comparison. At Huddersfield Removals, our quotes are based on the amount of furniture being moved and how far away it’s travelling. We think that’s the fairest way!


You might think you can move furniture with a little help from your friends. If your furniture, walls, floor, or vehicle gets damaged, those friendships can get fiery very fast! Instead, it’s better to call professionals who are experienced in moving furniture. They’ll ensure the job is done safely and effectively.


You can protect your furniture by packaging it correctly. That means wrapping up sharp corners, removing all detachable accessories, and covering items in plastic to prevent the elements from making an impact. The best way to protect them is to hire a dependable removals team, though.


For items that have significant financial or sentimental value, you may consider taking out a specific insurance policy to cover furniture removals. However, this might not be necessary. Check with your removals firm and see what coverage they already have. You could avoid paying for a policy this way.

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