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Best Three Dessert Shops in Huddersfield for the Ultimate Dessert Treats

Frequently visiting dessert shops has become a long time routine of mine ever since my dad took me to one after his Huddersfield house removals work years ago. You could say that I am someone that has a sweet tooth that needs frequently satisfied. Being this passionate with desserts, I really strive to look for the best shops that Huddersfield has to offer. 

In general, you will find plenty of dessert shops in Huddersfield, and that is really something that I have always been thankful of. However, there are three places today that are able to shine above the rest of the crowd. With that said, if you are someone that is currently looking for the ultimate sweet treats in town, then below are the three best dessert shops in Huddersfield that you should check out. 


Heavenly Desserts

Heavenly Desserts huddersfield

While technically one of the newest comers in the dessert market of Huddersfield, Heavenly Desserts is definitely a popular franchise in the UK. You could say that I was very excited when I heard it was opening in town, and as it definitely did not disappoint its reputation. This shop is really famous for tasty treats such as gelatos, waffles, pancakes, and even artisan slices. After trying this shop out, I’m not really surprised why it is the fastest rising dessert brand in the country today. 


A Month of Sundaes

Sundaes are my favourite type of dessert, and the best place to get them here in Huddersfield is A Month of Sundaes. They have a wide range of ice cream sundaes, and they are also highly customisable, giving their customers a chance to design their own sundae experience. If you want to enjoy your sundaes while enjoying some great scenic views, then this is definitely the place for you to be. I personally go here whenever I want a quick escape from the hustle of daily life, and just enjoy my favourite dessert of all time.




Barni’s is another paradise for people like me that have a sweet tooth and crave quality desserts. The place itself has an American diner inspired design which I find really cool and quite trendy as well. This is my go to place if I want to just chill and socialise with my friends while enjoying some very tasty treats. This particular dessert shop is rather famous for its chocolate on tap, but also offers an amazing line up of crepes, shakes, waffles, and sundaes too. Their Dare or Share dish is something that you should also try out, because it isn’t only tasty, but a fun treat overall too. 


With a huge selection of dessert shops, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed with the many choices that you have. I for one took a while to really figure out which ones are the best for my preferences, but I am glad of that as well. Hopefully though, you were able to get a good idea of the best dessert shops in Huddersfield through my recommendations here. Do try to visit each of them if possible, and that’s because they offer unique dessert experiences individually. 

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