Storage services have been gaining remarkable attention since last few years. The reason behind that consideration lies in its budget-saving advantages. People are understanding the fact that storing the heavy equipment rather than taking with them, can not only save the budget but also the extreme labor and mind-stress related to its transport towards far off destination. Whenever someone relocates, he or she has certain arrangements to make a new place. Some things can be set immediately, while several other belongings are not required immediately. It does not matter whether you shift a house or office, the setting is always the same. Therefore, if you collect up all the belongings at once, it might be building some pressure on you since you do not know what exact situations are to be faced at a new site. To cope up with such anguish, we recommend all our honored clients to gather and pack up only the immediately required items. All the secondary items as per requirement and usage are considered, can be kept safely in the storage warehouse for a certain period. Once, you have done the necessary arrangements, the stored belongings can be withdrawn and be settled at your place with proper organization. So, if you are looking to find a real quality storage service for your items, get a free quote right now!

What is self-storage?

Self-storage facilities offer you quick access to your valuables. The storage space units may lead from lockers to wide-spaced rooms. You can opt for a unit depending upon the size and volume of your possessions. The facility is secured with built-in emergency alarms, automatic doors, unbreachable locks, and high surveillance under CCT cameras. The cost will be different for locker units and the whole room. Usually, the small items such as documents or books are preferred to be kept safe inside lockers whereas, the furniture or heavy machinery can be stored on room cabinets. It offers you the following benefits:

  • A 24 by 7 access to the stored items only by an authorized person.
  • It saves you paying the gas or light bills. You just pay for the housing space.
  • You can store whatever you want leading from small books to heavy furniture and equipment.
  • The storage facility is available for all kinds of uses the domestic, the commercial or the others.
  • Trolleys or pallet trucks service is free, provided by the company to pick up the furniture or other heavy materials.
  • The things will be stored in a protective environment with 100% privacy guarantee.
  • The belongings can be even secured by availing a packing service also. The packed items are more likely to be preserved than unpacked.
  • You can also buy insurance along with the storage as to be extraordinarily secured. In case of any loss, the company will be liable to pay your claim.
  • If you want to renew the storage period, you can avail the service just by going through some documental proceedings.

What is containerized storage?

Containerized storage gets your belongings covered for a long period. As the name implies, the materials are packed and stored inside the wooden containers. These containers can be of different sizes. However, usually, there are two sizes of containers that are commonly employed. The famous site is the 250 cubic feet space container, and the other can house a 300 cubic feet space. These containers are most likely to be used during the removals however, under certain situations they are also utilized for storage purposes as well. They offer a benefit in terms of housing space. Since they are huge, hence, only a few boxes can be enough to cover up all the things. Moreover, they are also preferred over the small ones, because they offer an advantage for the load-bearing capacity of the man. Only a few containers do not put much load over the truck whereas, in case of small containers the load may breach the capacity of a van. On the other hand, they also pose a disadvantage in the case of too many materials. Since few containers can be adjusted in the van, so to tackle an excess of materials, more trips are required by the man with a van.


It goes simply this way. The man with a van arrives at your doorstep with packing and loading crew. The things are packed, loaded and transported to the storage warehouse, where they can be stored for an agreed period. The storage option can help you as per the following points:

  • Containerized storage offers you an inexpensive and budget-saving solution to save the amenities.
  • It also reduces the probable risks associated with the accidental damage of the losses that may show up while loading the bare things and making a sudden move while driving.
  • If you want to store the items for long terms, the best option is to utilize the containerized storage.
  • Goods are secured in a safe, secure, and dry environment.
  • The belongings also remain free of dust because of the closed seal.
  • Fork lifters load the wooden containers on the removal truck and provide an advantage to pick up all the things from your doorstep. Although they are sealed, upon the client’s request, they can be opened to provide access even during the storing period.

Under what conditions you can opt for a storage facility?

There are plenty of reasons why you may not be able to fully move into your new home after you leave your old one. Whether it’s waiting for legal processes to play out, finishing renovations or building in a delay due to travel or work obligations, it’s easy to find situations where keeping some amount of your belongings in storage can make things easier for you and your family. Storage in Transit makes it easy for you to arrange delivery from dependable, trustworthy movers and packers once the time comes to fully move in. Instead of having to deal with all the extra work involved in self-storage, you can leave the heavy lifting to experienced professionals. Here are some of the situations, that you may face while making removals, the best option under such conditions would be to go for storage service.

  • Under normal conditions, the best practice is to make a move as quickly as possible. However, if you must meet a deadline emptying the previous house, and have not found the new place yet, you can store the things.
  • If a construction or renovation is going on some parts of the house or office, to avoid any losses, the things can be packed and stored. Once, the construction work is complete, draw back the items and place them by your place.
  • Let’s say you have a lot of baggage and finding the difficulty in handling all the goods. You can cut down the stress by storing certain items.
  • On the other hand, you can go for a storage facility if you are making an international move for short term and must return after some duration, under such a condition, if you do not have a personal place, rather than carrying all the luggage by you, save it to the facility. This will not only lessen your burden but also diminish the heavy cost required to transport all the stuff abroad.
  • If you are a student making a move to a new place, and not sure about the space, we suggest you take up only the immediately needed things and pack up the rest of lately required things to a safe or locker. Once you get set at the new place, withdraw the items.
  • The same conditions apply to office removals. If there is a gap between loading and unloading, or you are not sure what to take or what to leave, opt for the storing as to be hassle-free.

Traits of a good storage facility

No matter, how much eligible a company may sound, do make a physical inspection of the storage facility before getting aligned. A good storing facility will offer you the finest and the most secure environment. Here is a checklist that defines the attributes of a good facility. Be sure, to check for these details.

  • Look for the proper hygiene of a storage facility while making a physical inspection. If there are any signs of insects, floor damages, roof damages, broken locks, corroding pipes and dangling doors, do not sign the agreement. There must not be any corrosion either on locks or doors.
  • Even though storage premises may be posing secure surroundings, still the risks of disastrous or calamities cannot be nodded off. Therefore, all the good removal companies, pay special heed while establishing the structure to tackle emergencies. The disaster management tools such as fire extinguishers, lightening arrests and first aid facilities must be there. 
  • Storage unit sizes directly relate to the housing space of your belongings. A warehouse should be a blend of small as well as the big spaced units. Usually, the documents or books are kept in small lockers, while the heavy equipment or furniture is stored in open rooms. All the building be structured with metal compartments.
  • Make sure whether the warehouse is not very far from your place if you need to access the things quite often. Likewise, the privacy policy is also very important so that no one may intrude into your materials.
  • The whole vicinity should be free of pests. You may even ask the managers what protocol they utilize to keep the harmful bugs away. This may sound strange, but the fact is numerous insects can destroy your valuables in several ways. For example, critters can wreak havoc and even destroy your belongings if they get into your storage unit. Moths can damage textiles and rugs, rats and mice can chew up wooden furniture, and roaches can get into your boxes.

Some tips

Just like you do proper research while purchasing an item, hiring the perfect firm for storing your items also requires comprehensive planning. To know about a company offering the relative services is easy, you can ask your friends and family or simply can search online. However, the tricky part is to assess the right way so that the decision you make fulfils the expectations. Here are some of the suggestions, one must consider while selecting the right company.

Check about the reviews, a firm has been given by recent clients. If some of your friends have shifted not lately, you can get direct insights. On the other hand, several social media platforms can serve the purpose. However, be cautious as to find the real reviews as the testimonials can also be forged.

Do not limit yourself just to the reviews. Go through the whole or at least the maximum portfolio of a remover firm. This will help you understand what on the real grounds a company has to offer. You can look for the project details, the time allotted, the methodology they followed, and the cost for which a move was made possible. Your belongings are as worthy as you, hence, make sure if the company has real experience or not! An experienced removals company will ask you several questions before getting into an agreement. A friendly discussion with an administrative person will also get you intrigued. Analyze the statements, the reports, and the policies in detail.

Provide the same data to all the companies to get some real insights about their quotes. Most of the companies offer an online estimate or volume calculator, if you will sum up different details in different firms, the estimated data will not be uniform to be compared. 

Act wisely and never forget to read the individual policies while comparing the details of data collected by various firms. This is because, you may get a quote, but the actual cost may increase depending upon the situations as described in the company policies.

Some companies may offer you a very attractive price. Although the cost is important, it is not everything. You need quality service as well.