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Easy Tips for Moving Your Fridge.

Moving to a new home is an exciting experience, but it can be stressful too. There’s so much to think about and plan for that sometimes the details get overlooked. One of the most important items you need to consider when moving house is your refrigerator. It’s large, heavy, and requires special care. If you don’t prepare your fridge correctly before the move, it could end up damaged or even worse—you could damage something else in your home! So, here are some tips on how to prepare your refrigerator for your move.

Clean Out Your Fridge Before The Move:

Before you start packing anything into boxes, take the time to thoroughly clean out all the food from your refrigerator. This way, there won’t be any spillage during transit that can damage other items or attract pests into your moving van. All shelves and drawers should be emptied and wiped down with a mild detergent solution. This also gives you an opportunity to discard any expired items or anything else that you no longer want or need in your new home.

Turn Off Your Fridge At Least 24 Hours Ahead Of Time:

It’s important to give your fridge enough time to cool down before it is moved. For safety reasons, make sure that you turn off the electricity supply at least 24 hours in advance so that all perishable food inside can reach room temperature by the time of the move. This helps prevent bacteria growth and ensures that everything stays safe during transport.

Secure The Doors And Shelves:

When packing up a refrigerator for a move, make sure all doors are secured and shelves are removed if possible. You should also use thick blankets or bubble wrap around any exposed areas on the outside of the fridge as extra protection against scratches or dents caused by handling during transit. Additionally, don’t forget to secure any loose drawers with tape so they don’t open during transport!

Prepare Your Refrigerator For Transport:

Once the inside of your fridge is dry and all the contents have been removed, it’s important to secure all doors with tape or bungee cords so they don’t open during transport. Additionally, make sure that the back of the refrigerator has been secured as well; this will help keep it from shifting during transport.

Leaving It Unplugged Until You Arrive:

Once everything is loaded into the truck, make sure that your refrigerator remains unplugged until after you arrive at your new home. This will reduce wear on refrigerators motors and make sure that no power spikes occur during travel which could potentially harm both the motor itself as well as other electronics stored inside of the appliance too!

Moving house can be an overwhelming experience but following these simple tips will help ensure that nothing gets damaged when transporting your fridge from one place to another. Make sure you clean out all food before packing up; turn off electricity supply at least 24 hours prior; and secure doors, shelves and drawers with tape and/or blankets before loading onto the van! Following these steps will ensure a smooth transition for all involved! Good luck with your move!

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