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10 Cheap Removals Tips: Save Money When Moving House in Huddersfield

Moving house in Huddersfield doesn’t need to be an expensive ordeal. Having performed so many removals over the years, we’ve picked up some excellent tips from thrifty customers.

1.Find your own packing supplies.

Don’t spend money on items like cardboard boxes. Speak to your local supermarket or corner shop and see if they can help you out with some freebies! Alternatively, you might find some surprising packing materials around your own home.

2. Sell items you won’t use.

Rather than pay to move things you have no intention of using in your new place, why not try making some extra cash on them at a car boot sale? There are also many platforms you can use to sell furniture or ornaments online.

3. Hire an experienced removals firm.

Some sites might advise you to ask your friends to perform your move as a money-saving measure. We really can’t endorse that because there’s a real risk of injury. Consider it from a financial perspective: if your property gets damaged, this could end up being a very costly mistake!

4. Plan your meals to avoid food waste.

During the process of moving, many customers have ended up throwing out food because of poor planning. A week of ordering takeaways soon gets expensive too! To avoid this unnecessary cost, make a food plan in advance. If you can prepare and freeze meals that’s even better! You may not be in the mood to cook.

5. Move during the week.

Generally, it’s cheaper to hire removal services when they’re less in demand. The weekend is always a busy time because people don’t want to take time off work. If you’re willing to use some annual leave, you might make a saving.

6. Look for used furniture online or in charity shops.

If you do need to buy new items for your house, don’t assume that brand new is necessarily the best. In charity shops or online you’re bound to find some amazing bargains!

7. Avoid bill confusion by informing utilities and canceling subscriptions.

If you don’t inform all your services of your move, you could end up paying an extra month’s bills and having to work it out with the new occupant. Sounds like a headache! Instead, write a list of everyone that needs to know and handle it before it gets stressful.

8. Compare storage company costs before you commit.

Planning to use storage during the transition? A little bit of research could save a lot of money. Check customer reviews and ask for quotes to get the best deal possible from your storage company.

9. Use bargain store cleaning materials.

Usually, you have to clean your old place before you can move to the next one. Why pay for a cleaner when you could rope your friends in and use bargain store cleaning materials to make it as cheap as possible?

10. Hire an affordable removals firm.

Shop around local firms and ask for quotes to ensure that you hire a reasonably-priced removals firm. Here at Huddersfield Removals, we have a reputation for surprisingly low prices. Be sure to include us in your research!

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